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What is Earth Calculator?

Earth Calculator calculates a number of properties based on a location's geographic position. Calculated properties include the Great Circle Distance between various locations on Earth & the Initial True Course, the loxodrome (rumb line) and its' True Course, the Time of Sunrise, Time of Sunset, Hours of Sunlight, Qo Solar Radiation (UV hazard) using one of four different sunrise definitions, and current local standard time.

A Great Circle is the shortest distance between any two points on a sphere. For practical purposes the Earth is a sphere, so the shortest course that a vessel can follow from one location to another is a Great Circle. A loxodrome is a course of constant bearing.

How do I use Earth Calculator as a calculator?

There are two different ways to use Earth Calculator:

1. By Name - enter location names and search our SQL Database (over 40,000 locations) for matching entries;

2. By Location - enter the required locational information (latitude and longitude) into a form.

Nuts and Bolts information about Earth Calculator

The Earth Calculator was born from the merging of Black Pearl Computing Ltd.'s SunnyDayz Solar Radiation Calculator and our GCDistance Calculator.

Earth Calculator is Copyright 1997-2020 by Black Pearl Computing Ltd.

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