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Last updated 2020-03-06
Black Pearl Computing Ltd. was formed in 1987 to meet the computer support needs of individuals, home-based and small business, as well as corporate, education and government clients.

We provide cross-platform solutions for Macintosh, Windows and Linux/Unix, as well as Windows-only and Macintosh-only projects. With more than 30 years experience, we tend to specialize on the Macintosh platform, however many of our skills carry across to other platforms (eg. javascript, php, SQL, C, C++, Filemaker Pro).

Black Pearl Computing Ltd. provides a wide range of computer support services, including:

  • Web site programming (html, javascript, php, java, c and c++, XML, python)

  • Web site and application support and hosting including: apache2 , MySQL, FilemakerPro, ftp, secure web/ecommerce servers, listservers, autoresponders, search engine optimization.

  • Design, installation, maintenance, retrofitting and troubleshooting of computer networks including wireless, firewalls, routers and other network infrastructure

  • Good working knowledge of VMWare virtualization of Macintosh, debian and ubuntu linux servers running Wordpress, next/ownCloud, Moodle, Minecraft,PLEX, KODI and other virtual servers

  • Custom programming of database applications MySQL, FileMaker Pro

  • Experience with serial communications and home automation control systems

  • Wiring and programming RaspberryPi's in complex X10 and 1-wire applications for inexpensive remote environmental control and monitoring.

During our years in the computer industry we have consistently striven to provide quality, cost-effective support and services to our customers.


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Our Mortgage calculator has been updated to include a chart showing amounts paid to principal and interest for the term of the mortgage. Now see the difference a recurring or one-time payment can make on your mortgage total.

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We Shared Each Others Gladness

I've translated my grandparents biography into electronic form. I have also provided mp3 audio files that were created from the CBC Radio program North Country. The stories, read by Judith Hudson Beattie Valenzuela, and were broadcast between April and June, 2005.

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