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Refreshingly red About the Refreshments Pages...

This service will be useful for:

  • Dialup users who experience dropped connections due to inactivity time-outs while they are reading the contents of a web page (or moving through pages already cached locally).
  • Users connecting through ISDN (or other direct services which may time-out after a period of inactivity). A symptom of this will be a delay as the connection is re-opened. The delay may result in "Server not Responding" or "DNS not found" types of errors. The request will the work correctly after a minute or two.
Selecting a duration from the popup menu below will open a connection to this server requiring periodic updating (with the frequency selected). This periodic traffic through your connection will keep it open.


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How to use this service...

1. Select the desired refresh frequency from the menu below and click on the Refresh Me Now button to start:

  • Dialup users will want to use the 1 to 5 minute options

  • Direct users may wish to use a 10 or more minute refresh to keep their connections alive, depending on the time out set by your internet provider.

2. When the "Server Refresh" window opens up, minimize and forget about it. Continue surfing in your front window(s) while the refreshed connection stays open.


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