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Amortization Calculator

    Our Online Amortization Calculator gives you flexibility to test a number of different amortization scenarios. For each case you can save or print out an amortization schedule. house under construction

    Version 2.0 provides more control over the amortization including: user-defined interest compounding, selectable payment schedules (from weekly to annual), and recurring and one-time payments to principle.

    Compute: total monthly payment, total interest, and total payment for any loan.

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Earth Calculator.


    Find the "as the crow flies" distance between any two location on the planet. Our extensive database has many locations from around the world, or enter in the longitude and latitude for any two locations yourself.

    Compute: Great Circle Distance & Initial True Angle, Loxodrome & True Angle, times of sunrise & sunset, hours of daylight, solar energy (UV hazard), and current local time.

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Pythagor Numerology Calculator.


    We all have the gift of free-will, but it is important to understand the influences that surround us. Try our Pythagorean numerology calculator.

    Compute: Name Analysis; Birth Analysis; Pinnacles, Cycles and Challenges; and Planes of Expression.

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'Vertor Unit Base Calculator.

    Convert miles per hour to light years per second, or almost any other conversion you can think of. This calculator also provides a dimensional analysis of any unit you wish to enter.

    calculator Compute: 'Vertor can convert to and from any number which consists of the following base units - acre, ampere, amu, angstrom, arcminute, arcsecond, are, atmosphere, bar, barn, barrel, biot, btu, bushel, cable, calorie, candela, candle, century, chain, circularmill, cord, coulomb, cunit, cup, day, decade, degree, dram, drop, dyne, electronvolt, eon, erg, farad, faraday, fathom, feet, fermi, fluiddram, fluidounce, foot, footcandle, footlambert, fortnight, franklin, furlong, gal, gallon, gamma, gauss, gill, grad, grain, gram, gramforce, gray, hectare, henry, hertz, hogshead, horsepower, hour, hundredweight, inch, joule, kip, knot, league, lightyear, liter, longton, lumen, lux, massunit, maxwell, meter, micron, mil, mile, millenium, minute, mole, month, nauticalmile, newton, oersted, ohm, ounce, ounceforce, parsec, pascal, phot, pint, poise, pound, poundal, poundforce, quart, quarter, radian, revolution, rod, second, siemen, slug, sphere, steradian, stilb, stoke, stone, tablespoon, teaspoon, tesla, tex, therm, ton, tonne, torr, troyounce, us.fluidounce, us.gallon, us.pint, us.quart, volt, watt, weber, week, yard, year.

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Black Pearl's Refreshment Pages.


    Are you a dial-up user or do you connect through ISDN, or other link which times out after a period of inactivity?

    Use our Refreshment pages to keep your connection "refreshed".

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Online Databases

GIANT Dictionary of Computer Terminology Books

    "Learn to speak Geek Now!"

    Search our giant dictionary of computer terminology containing nearly 15,000 entries covering computers, Internet, ISDN, jargon, networks, unix...

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Domain Name Abbreviations NetClockSync Logo

    Find out where the Internet servers you are accessing are located by searching our Internet Regional Domain Name Abbreviations Database.

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Online Canadian News Sources. Newspaper button

    Our list of Online Canadian Newspapers grew to be too large to manage effectively as web pages, so we converted the information into a searchable online database.

    Search our large database and find online Canadian newspapers by: publication name, by city (or region), or by province.

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Quotations for Everyone new Book of Quotations

    Check out our huge database of quotations. Nearly 10,000 entries -- and growing all the time.

    Search our Quotations for Everyone database by Author or by Keywords contained in the quote.

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