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Background Info

Black Pearl Computing Ltd. is a British Columbia corporation, formed in September of 1987 to address the computer related service needs of individuals, and the business, education and government communities.

An original founder, Colin Woytowich, continues as President today.

Black Pearl Computing Ltd continues to support a wide range of home office, small office, professional, entrepreneurial, corporate and public clients. We provide advice, custom programming, troubleshooting and technical support, database and Internet support, and web site development.
Services offered include:

Internet - private clouds, linux servers, apache2, php, MySQL, javascript, web apps

Troubleshooting - computers, servers, networks

Documentation - technical and end-user, excellent writing and communication skills

Needs Needs Assessments

Computer Networks - design, expansion, trouble shooting

Project Management - More than 25 years of project management experience

Programming - serial devices, web services, home automation devices and controllers



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