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Black Pearl Computing Ltd.
was formed in 1987 to meet the computer support needs of individuals, home-based and small business, as well as corporate, education and government clients.

We provide cross-platform solutions for Macintosh, Windows and Linux/Unix, as well as Windows-only and Macintosh-only projects. With 20 years experience, we tend to specialize on the Macintosh platform, however many of our skills carry across to other platforms (eg. javascript, SQL, C, C++, Filemaker Pro).

Black Pearl Computing Ltd. provides a wide range of computer support services, including:

  • Web site design and programming (html, javascript, php, java, c and c++, XML)

  • Web site and application support and hosting (MySQL and FilemakerPro databases, FirstClass, ftp, secure web/ecommerce servers, email, listservers, autoresponders, site search engines, web site promotions, etc.).

  • The design, installation, maintenance, retrofitting and troubleshooting of computer networks and intranets including WiLANs, firewalls, routers and other netowrk infrastructure.

  • Custom programming of applications, databases (SQL, Filemaker Pro), data conversion, utilities, cgi's and acgi's.

  • Design, specification and programming of home automation control systems. [A recent project was the automation of a new 16,000 square foot mansion in Saanichton, BC.]

  • Training - one-on-one and group training available for Filemaker Pro, Microsoft Excel, Macintosh Operating systems (OS 9 and OSX), applescript, data management.

  • Providing support to small and mid-sized businesses, getting them up and running on the Internet in a cost effective and logical way, providing real support and well thought out advice about the best use of limited technology dollars.

During our years in the computer industry we have consistantly provided high quality and cost-effective support and services to our customers.


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We Shared Each Others Gladness

I've translated my grandparents biography into electronic form. I have also provided mp3 audio files that were created from the CBC Radio program North Country. The stories, read by Judith Hudson Beattie Valenzuela, and were broadcast between April and June, 2005.

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TiVo is finally available in Canada. See our TiVo Page for information, gotchas, hacks to help Macintosh OS X 10.5 Leopard users get more from their TiVo experience.

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Software, hardware, stained glass and much more!!

We accept PayPal.

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Check out our Vantage Pro weather station project. We wrote the Macintosh software all the way from the serial port drivers and data decoders, right up to the real-time web page creation routines that update online every 5 minutes.

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  • More quotes have been added to our Quotations for Everyone Database. Search our database of quotations by author, by word, or by phrase.


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